Jason and the Argonauts

Jason and the Argonauts

Friday February 10, 8.00pm

Saturday February 11, 2.30pm

Saturday February 11, 7.30pm

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Farndale Avenue

The haunted Through Lounge and recessed Dining Nook Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Amateur Dramatic Society’s production of The Haunted Through Lounge and Recessed Dining Nook was on Friday 18 May and Saturday 19  May 2012.
Only in Farndale Avenue do you get the chance to see a member of the cast in the wrong costume, playing the right character  in the wrong scene and the audience didn’t even notice!

In this sparkling new production, all your old favourites hammed it up, there was a dynamic young ‘producer’,  sets fell over, babies wailed and mysterious happenings occurred.

Too bad if you missed this glittering and thoroughly ‘professional’ production by the Ladies of Farndale Avenue. It was a sell-out!!!

The Royal Jubilee Command Performance

Royal Jubilee Command Performance

The Royal Jubilee Command Performance - on tour in Spring Grove!
Musings from the Monarch's diary, royal reflections on Palace life, regal songs, majestical Morris dancing.
A revue evening with supper.

Friday 21 September 2012, 8.00pm
Saturday 22 September 2012, 7.30pm
(Both nights a sell-out!)


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Oysters & Oedocles

Oysters & Oedocles

Supper Evenings with two one-act plays.

In Oysters in the Loft, written by our own Dick Need, directed by Jacqui Rollason, the ouija board is used to con the ladies. But who is really being conned?

The second is a spoof Greek tragedy, Oedocles, King of Thebes, by Michael Green, as performed by the Spring Grove Tragedians. There is probably more drama going on back-stage than on-stage.

Friday November 23 2012, 8.00pm

Saturday November 24 2012, 7.30pm


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