Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty


Spring Grove Fringe's Annual pantomime, complete with Principal Boy, Prince Valiant, the Pantomime Dame Queen, plenty of fairies and a dancing chicken.


Friday February 7 2014, 8.00pm

Saturday February 8 2014, 2.30pm

Saturday February 8 2014, 7.30pm


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The Canterbury Tales

 Canterbury Tales

A supper evening with a difference! Our Fringe time-machine took the audience back to a 14th century banquet, in the bawdy company of Geoffrey Chaucer and his fellow pilgrims.


The pacey adaptation, in rhyming couplets, was done by Mike Poulton for the RSC. The evening had five of the tales, directed by Jo and Nigel.

Chaucer used strong language and sexual references – it goes without saying that we did not remove these!


Friday May 16 2014, 8.00pm

Saturday May 17 2014, 7.30pm


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My Night at the Celtic Fringe

 My Night at the Celtic Fringe

In My Night at the Celtic Fringe, a no-nonsense road builder with a reputation for bulldozing through mountains, dithered over a tree on his route through the Irish countryside amidst the folklore and fairy tales of the town festival, Owl Yarns.


Friday October 3rd 2014, 8.00pm

Saturday October 4th 2014, 7.30pm


Oh What a Lovely War

Oh what a lovely war

A chronicle of the First World War, told through songs and documents in the form of a seaside pierrot entertainment of the period. The show was devised and presented by Joan Littlewood's Theatre Workshop at the Theatre Royal, Stratford East.



Friday November 28th 2014, 8.00pm

Saturday November 29th 2014, 7.30pm


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