Nono'ya messin' about

Oysters & Oedocles

Panto time is here in Spring Grove and this time we visit the world of Non o'ya messing about. A world of mysterious messing about and suspense where Looceet and her three siblings find themselves cast out into the desolate strange and snowy landscape of Cor Pairovem in Nono'ya.
They encounter strange beasts of the forest and swirling snowflakes where the sun never shines. Having left the safety of a Tallboy and venturing out of the closet,they must fight the evil forces of the White witch and her dastardly companions, Shattabrick, Jynn and Tonique.
Will they survive the winter of discontent with the help of a beavering couple and a laid-back hippie lion, Asbin?Will they return to mad Professor Quirk's cranky mansion and his eccentric staff ? Who knows?


Friday February 8 2013, 8.00pm

Saturday February 9 2013, 2.30pm

Saturday February 9 2013, 7.30pm

(Both evenings a sell-out!)


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A Midsummer Night's Dream

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Oysters & Oedocles

This cracking Shakespeare comedy was slimmed down to 90 minutes and set, in a vaguely hippy way, possibly in the 60s. The usual local suspects became rude mechanicals, confused lovers, fairy king and queen and the court of Theseus, the Duke. A stylish supper evening with magic potions for all!

Friday May 17 2013, 8.00pm

Saturday May 18 2013, 7.30pm
(Both evenings sold out)


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A Night at the Musicals

A Night at the Musicals

Supper evening, with favourite songs from the musicals.

Friday October 4 2013, 8.00pm

Saturday October 5 2013, 7.30pm

(more than 150 over two nights)


Two Farces

Two Farces

The Eagle Eye and Easy Stages

In Easy Stages, we had a peek backstage at a technical rehearsal which was not going well. (Don’t we see enough mistakes in the usual SGF productions?) Stage Manager Gerry has a precise way of working and this is not understood by the motley stage crew he has been given, most of whom probably wanted to act. Toy-boy Nigel seems to be always delayed ‘at the office’. Director Keith, fresh from Drama School, produces new, ‘imaginative’ props which upset the careful plans of Gerry – a stage manager who cannot even manage life.


In the second play, Geraldine, the Vicar’s wife embarked on a clandestine plot with ladies from the Parish Poetry Group to expose the ‘private affairs’ of members of the congregation unless they amended their ways. They wrote as ‘The Eagle Eye’. At first, their plans seemed to be swelling church attendance, but they soon discovered that those in glass houses should not throw stones!


Friday November 29 2013, 8.00pm

Saturday November 30 2013, 7.30pm


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