Spring Grove Fringe may keep names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses of its members and those others who have asked to be kept informed of the group’s activities. In addition, it may hold bank details and Gift Aid declarations for the purpose of managing subscriptions.

The data is collected through membership application forms and occasional forms for audience members to submit their details.

The purpose of the data is to provide information about forthcoming events organised by Spring Grove Fringe or other events closely related to members of the group. The data is also used to collect Gift Aid on subscriptions and donations.

Data is not shared with third parties, except HMRC, if the member has given consent by signing a Gift Aid declaration.

Digital and physical data is held securely by the Secretary and, where relevant, the Treasurer.

You have the right to see the data that we hold on you, or to request that your data be deleted. Please contact us at sgfkinston@gmail.com.